Can't see WD MyCloud Home drive in Time Machine

I am trying to configure MyCloud Home Drive as the drive to use in Time Machine, following the procedure stated in Answer ID 20103, but cannot see the MyCloud Home Drive in step 6: rom the list of available drives, click TimeMachineBackup/TimeMachine on MYCLOUD-XXXXX (drive’s name), and click on Use Disk. The drive does not appear in the list of selectable drives. Is there a step missing to be able to select it? I am on High Sierra OS.


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Thank you very much! However, one step needs an explanation. How do I “Connect to Server using AFP by typing: afp://”

When I click on “Go” in finder, I have the option to “Connect to server”, but not connect to server using AFP…


You can connect in Finder or check these two apple articles but normally the syntax is afp:///

I can’t seem to get either of these to work.

If I connect with SMB, it will connect. Change the prefix to afp and it won’t connect.

If I connect via Guest in the sidebar or with smb using Finder > Connect to Server, I only see a public folder. There is no Time Machine folder, pre-made. I can’t even add a folder on that level. There are no tools in settings to allow the creation of this either.

What am I missing here?



I am having the exact same issue with a new WD My Cloud Home Duo. The thread ends with this query. What is the solution to this problem?

I have the same problem and followed the instructions. It still does not work. Please advise.

The two articles no longer exist.