MAC- Mycloud Home Not detected in Disk Utility/Finder

Hello- I have a weird issue with MyCloud Home 4TB.
It is not detected via the MAC Disk Utility. Finder shows only the Sharepoint for Time Machine.
What I’ve done:
I’m running the latest version of macOS Monterey.
I’ve verified I’m on the latest WD MyCloud Home firmware.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the latest WD Discovery for Mac

I do have a desktop icon of MyCloud Home. Using Get Info, the format shows as Generic File System (MacFuse). I have never formatted the WD drive.
Any suggestions?

Apple took away SMB and AFP support for many NAS. You are reduced to using CIFS for MCH or you may be able to force a SMB change on Monterey by terminal commands.

#### Connect using macOS (CIFS)

  • The Common Internet File System (CIFS) tag must be used for connecting to the Public Share on macOS
  • The connection must be made as the macOS Guest user

| cifs://guest:guest@MYCLOUD-XXXXX/Public | CORRECT |
| cifs://guest:guest@/Public | CORRECT |
|afp://guest:guest@MYCLOUD-XXXXX/Public| INCORRECT |
|afp://guest:guest@/Public| INCORRECT |
|///Public| INCORRECT |

I can connect easily via

| cifs://guest:guest@MYCLOUD-XXXXX/Public | CORRECT |
| cifs://guest:guest@/Public | CORRECT |

My issue is that I am trying to back up the drive via Carbon Copy Cloner over the network and it does not like the public access connection and always seems to break the connection during the backup. Is there any way to connect to my MyCoud Home edition with login credentials and still access the “public” folder?


Have you tried CCC?

Duh, what a great idea! Thanks and you can actually contact support from directly within their application.


Tekram- thank you so much. Appreciate the response.