My cloud no longer in devices & printer

Some how My cloud does not appear in the devices and printer, tried to do full reset, cloud will not turn blue. but the connection in rear has solid green on bottom and flashing green on top. Some where in my frustration, it said I have 2 clouds loaded. At one time it was connected.
Any ideas what I screwed up, Thanks a head.

@oldvet Is this what you want to see?

What do you want to turn blue??? Are you talking about the LED on the front of your My Cloud? Is it a 1st generation or a 2nd generation My Cloud.

If you have Windows does your My Cloud show up in File Explorer>Network?

hanks for your response. Yes that is what I want to see, on the blue LED on the front, I think it is gen 1 and no not in the file exp, network

@oldvet If it is connected to your router/network have you tried a reboot of your computer?

The other problem that has been known to cause this on Windows computers is this,