Blue Light Not on

Good Day
I have an issue with my My Cloud
I can access it from my desktop and webpage
However I have bought a new laptop and I cannot access it through the network like I used to.
I have tried to download the app but it does not show up on my desktop screen
Can you please assist me in granting access it on my new laptop.
PS it is working fine but the blue light does not switch on the front.

@OrettNH What brand of computers do you have and what operating system is on them? Did you set the new laptop up in the Dashboard for access?

Hi Cat0w

Thanks for the speedy reply

My new laptop is a Dell and the operating system is Windows 10

Not sure what is the Dashboard?

When I open up the webpage it comes up

Also there is this other app that opens. Not the one I am used to.

But what I cannot do is enter through the Network file on File explorer



@OrettNH Have you already checked this?

If that’s not the problem then see the Dashboard. See example image below. While I have Windows 10 on my desktop and laptop they show up as Windows 8 under Cloud Access. The other two that are showing are my cell phone and tablet. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.