My Cloud Mirror or MyCloud Mirror gen2?

I am reading conversations of this WD Community to find a solution concerning the very long duration of indexation after installind OS5.
Before going further, I would like to know what type of equipment do I have? On the grey equipment itself is written “My Cloud Mirror” but is it My Cloud Mirror or MyCloud Mirror gen2?

Later on, I will dig in to try to speed up indexation : after 10 days, progress is 5%!!
If it is proportionnal full duration will be 200 days!!!

The original MCM was depreciated for support long before OS5 was released, and OS5 was not released for it. So presumably you have a gen2 if you’ve been able to install it on there.

Thanks for your answer, it makes sense.
So now, because OS5 is made for my MCM gen2, why it is so long to perform indexation. In my last message (5 days ago) progress was 5% and now 7% : 5 days for 2%!! Something goes wrong, … but what?
Who could tell me the right configuration to speed up indexation?

There isn’t one.

Indexing is associated with cloud access. If you don’t need or want the WD web / phone apps; you can disable cloud access and this will stop indexing.

Other forms of access (via FTP Or VPN) will still work.

Thank you to take time to answer to my message. Actually my ultimate target is to get access to my WD via phone or other equipment. As a consequence it is mandatory to perform the indexing! Disabling cloud access is not a solution.

hmnmmm. . . depends upon what you mean by “access”.

Me? Personally? I find the WD apps a bit useless.
Nice for glancing through photos. . .not much else.
I started down the VPN path where I then access as though I am on my home network.

Ultimately, I found that unsatisfactory because my ISP upload speed is too slow. . . .which I can’t fix without spending significant monthly fees. So now. . .I went with the usb HDD in the bag option.

Your Milage May Vary.