My Cloud Login Problem


Hi,I have had a My Cloud 6TB (gen 2)for over 18 months now,working fine,until this morning it wont open from my desktop,it goes to a login screen,and asks for Name and Password.Only the Name part is Solid blue,and won’t let me enter a name…I press sign in button,and it holds for ever,and does nowt.Bit frustrated now,as have done a 40 second reset, and it is all the same,unable to get in to box.Can someone help as to what may be happening.I am on Windows 10 on PC…Dont want to format box as it has all my files on…Thanks Regards…Kev


How are you attempting to open the My Cloud? Using Windows File Explorer? web portal?

Can you post a screenshot of what you see when you cannot access the My Cloud?

Can you access the My Cloud via it’s IP address?

Is the My Cloud showing up under Network in Windows File Explorer?

Do you have another computer or mobile device you can use to access the My Cloud as a troubleshooting step?


I can see it in my computer,as wd my cloud, my smart TV picks it up, I can access it on mobile device, and view all content, ie, music, movie etc.I usually click on my cloud icon on pc desktop, and it opens to admin and user name, and what folders I want to open. Since yesterday, it now goes to a new screen, searching for wd devices. I try to open wd my cloud, it then shows the usual screen for a split second, then shows a screen which asks for name and password,but name is blued out when you try to enter name. Use password, then sign in, then after a minute or so, states, time out error… Will try screen shot tomorrow on pc. It opens perfect via mobile phone, or android tablet… Sorry its a bit drawn out.


This is where it sticks.Looking back,it seems it is since last firmware update to my cloud.


It appears you are using the My Cloud Desktop program. Are you attempting to access a remote My Cloud? One that is not on your local network?

The My Cloud Desktop program is not needed for local network access. Instead one uses Windows File Manager or Mac Finder to access a local network My Cloud.

For remote network access try using The WD Desktop program is end of life and recently it appears some have had trouble with it accessing their My Cloud devices after the latest firmware updates. One may have to, within the WD Desktop program, remove the My Cloud entry then re-add it using the proper login for either remote access (Cloud Access) or local access.


Thanks for that, I will remove the desktop, and start again. I have tried logging in via wdmycloud, but cannot find device… I am struggling a bit, once again, thanks for hp.


I think that it is now sorted, uninstalled all old wd stuff of pc, did a 40 second restore, then reinstalled to my pc, sorted out windows credentials, made a couple of folders on my desktop, can now see all in my cloud, and add to it easily… Many thanks for your help… Regards…