My Cloud Home very slow file transfer speeds plus 4K Movies stuttering at Direct Playback

Hello Everyone,
First time poster here, i purchased MCH NAS storage mainly to copy and direct play my 4K content from it but encountering 2 major issues so far.

  1. I am getting horrendously slow copying speeds of my files. The bitrates are mostly 11MB/s to max 18 MB/s in a few cases. I am using a wi-fi router with a 100MB/s LAN speeds but that Wi-Fi router is connected to a 8-port gigabit switch hence all of my devices (PC,Nvidia Shield TV, WD MCH) are hardwired to that switch using a CAT5e cable.The file sizes in question are 4K movie files that are in excess of 50 GB or above. Since the MCH web app does not allow the file sizes of more than 5GB to copied i am simply copying it from my SATA HDD or my WD Passport USB drive to my MCH directly.
    The question is how to increase the transfer speeds?

  2. I am using a Plex Movie Server(created on my MCH device) on Nvidia Shield TV (2nd Gen) for my 4K movie playback. The 4K movies are stuttering even on “Direct Play” (no transcoding) and often get the message that my connection is “too slow” and that i need to lower the quality.

I would want to ask is there a way to stream line these issues and get my problems fixed?


You could refer to the following links: