Very slow compared to old My Cloud

Hi folks,
I purchased a 4TB My Cloud Home yesterday primarily so I could make use of the built-in Plex server.

For a number of years I have had a 3TB My Cloud connected, but now I appear to be getting much slower speeds than i’ve been used to.

Transferring a 2GB file from the PC to the My Cloud would max out anywhere between 60-90 MB/s, however the My Cloud Home is topping out at less than 30MB/s. At first I thought it might be the port on the router, so I set up the My Cloud Home on the same port, and used the same cable as I was previously using the the My Cloud - but got the same result.

So I hooked up the My Cloud again as it was originally set up, transferred the same file, and got speeds averaging 70 MB/s which is what I’ve been used to.

Does anyone have any advice on what I might be missing here? If I can’t get the same transfer speeds then I’ll need to consider returning it.

@preyalone MCH has two storage locations. The two articles listed below may be helpful.