How to connect My Cloud Home as network drive? (MacOS)


I was able to setup My Cloud Home with “WD Discovery” app, so I see the drive in my Finder.
But when I access it through that new icon in Finder created by WD Discovery it works very-very-very slow. Even doesn’t work: I created a 1GB file to test the speed of the copying and it just hanging at the stage of “Estimating the time for copying…” It is still hanging while I am writing this message.

I also see my drive as a network drive “MyCloud-KS48JG”, but I connected there as a Guest and see only “TimeMachineBackup” folder there. Copying of my test 1GB file to that folders happens immediately, so the speed is fine. But how can I connect to get the rest of the data on the drive available? I was trying my MyCloud credentials - they don’t work. Should be the way, no? Otherwise it is impossible to work with…

I right clicked This PC and clicked Map Network Drive and browse and could select my WD drives where I chose the Public folder and now they just look like a normal disk.

The speed is determined by my internet speed.

Thanks for reply.
Actually I have MacOS and “My Cloud Home” drive is different from “My Cloud”. I googled more, and found out here All Computers on the Network Cannot Access My Cloud Home Public Share that unfortunately it has standard disk mapping through smb only to volume dedicated for backups, but the rest of the space could only be reachable through “WD Discovery” application. Which is slow and buggy. I regret that bought it. :frowning:

It doesn’t appear that you have tried CIFS or a forced SMB1 change from terminal in macOS. A simple search of the forum on CIFS would have yielded…

By mapping with cifs I only get a partition of MCH containing TimeMachineBackup folder, but all the rest is invisible.

As explained here:
There is a “Public Share” volume dedicated for Backups (can’t be accessed from or mobile apps) - I was able to connect it with cifs. And there is a “Private Share” which could be accessed only with buggy WD Discovery app, or, or mobile apps, but not through the LAN.

It is not called the ‘Private Share’ and that is by design. WD decided that a User Private Space would not be accessible from the LAN in the ‘Home’ setting. If you wish to share over the LAN, put those files in the Public SMB or CIFS share for the best performance.

Any sharing of the Private Space should be done through WD Discovery program (desktop, web app or mobile app). If that is buggy as you indicated and it could well be with the ever changing macOS buggy file system, you should look for support with WD technical at and provide your macOS version and debug_logs.

But if I put files to the Public share then they won’t be available on MyCloud, right? Then what’s the point of “My Cloud Home” product?

As for the bugs, I know only that smb/cifs connection is stable and WD Discovery connection is not, and as a user I don’t care about further details. If it is because of ever changing macOS, then the decision of designers to create a connection only over WD Discovery was wrong. MacOS is stable enough for me when it is not related to WD Discovery.

I can spent more time on trying to highlight the issue to support, then wait for the fixes and then maybe get some stability until next MacOs update… But now I really think MCH is just a bad product with a controversial design and I better invest more into something else. For sure it was mainly my fault: I didn’t a research before buying and was relaying on the brand and “simplified solution for dummies”. But I agree with one of the commenters at this forum: such a product shouldn’t exist on the market, it lies at least about simplicity.

It is not called ‘MyCloud’ and you shouldn’t confuse that with My Cloud Home (MCH), they are totally different and distinct OSes. With the MCH you can share files on the LAN with SMB, you can share files online with ‘User Private Space’ using WD Discovery so they are separate but each functional and that works well for a lot of ‘Home’ users. I am sure you will disagree with your own experience with macOS and MCH and as I posted in my first reply, you should return the MCH if you can and move on.

I think it is presumptuous to think that everyone is having the same experience as you and some of the others who commented. The MCH is is the least expensive cloud hardware storage on the market and the easiest (for some) to set up - it takes about 10 minutes for me at each location. It is not easy to create and market something like the MCH and you don’t see Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Facebook able or willing to do it and those 5 companies are the largest tech companies in the world. I own 4 MCHs and I have modified them and located them in different geographic locations and I know the performances of each and they performed faster -for my case use and internet connections- than 3 other Synology NASes that I have - I have actually done the comparison and posted some results on this subforum. Each NAS has their unique case use and you will just have to find one that works for you.

Sorry, I meant, files located at “Public share” or LAN Share are not available at, i.e. the word “Cloud” in the name of the product has no any sense then. It is just a shared drive in the local network.

Oh, of course, I don’t think everyone has the same experience as me but if there is a significant number of people, not even necessarily a majority, whose expectations are deceived, then the product shouldn’t be at the market. The problem might be not even technical (though, in my opinion, there is a software issue), but wrong marketing positioning. And I read quite a lot of hate towards MCH in these days which make me think I am far not alone. I get used to the products which “just work” without diving into the articles, forums, technical support, etc. Even if not always, good products rely on standard protocols/solutions (like, I guess, any NAS), this decreases number of potential stability and compatibility issues comparing to those encapsulated into the proprietary app.

If WD Discovery were a bonus option for dummies - that would be ok. But it is a buggy replacement and there is no any backdoor to make files available from outside except than through WD Discovery - for me this is a big design mistake. Any issue, any MacOS update can just break the flow. Ok, some MacOS update may impact smb, cifs, whatever, but in this case the whole world of angry customers is waiting for the patch and ignorance of them will lead to the scandal in media. But none of the Apple engineers cares about compatibility with WD Discovery and there won’t be any scandal if WD delays a patch for one of the products in their range… I can’t rely on such a custom solution.

And, @tekram, I really respect your activity here and willing to help. For many people it might be very valuable. However, I still believe MCH is a big mistake of WD engineers which is probably not that critical for many but misleads many other.