Worthless WD My Cloud Home or miser pays twice


I know that “WD® My cloud home is a PAS (Personal attach storage) device which is designed for home users with simplified usage”, that’s why I decided to buy it. And it is the second week when I am trying to make it work, googling the issues and diving into router settings.

I am not blaming for lack of features, I am a home user, but I just was not able to copy my files to it! With time and pain I copied ~60Gb during this week, how can I fill 8Tb?

As someone already wrote on this forum, such a product should not exist on the market… :frowning:

Unfortunately I am already not able to return it back.

So, here is what I am going to do.

  • This video shows how to extract HDD from “My Cloud Home” device:
    How to Teardown Western Digital My Cloud Home NAS Drive - YouTube
    I am going to save some money at least by reusing 8Tb HDD.
  • Buy Synology DS-720+ (upd: changed my mind to DS-920+). I guess that the cheapest from Synology like DS-120j has more or less the same speed, though for sure is able to be mapped as a network drive and probably does not drop the connection, but miser pays twice, finally I decided to invest into my home cloud.
  • Insert extracted HDD into Synology device. Well, I finally I lose ~120 euros, but at least not all 300 euros I payed for WD MCH.

I hope my story will be useful for someone who, unlike me, does not trust brands and does a research before buying. Goodbye WD.

You should have been able to return the unit.

It doesn’t appear that you have enabled CIFS or SMB1 or SMB2 from macOS.

A simple search for ‘speed’ in this subforum could have given you many ideas on how to achieve faster transfer speed on the MCH.

such as 110 MBps speed copy 700+ files, 300 MB to kddfs private space… and you are not alone or the first to see the short comings of the MCH while many users were able to bypass the limitations. But ultimately, you should return the unit because it is the easiest path.

Were you able to map Private Share as a network drive? Because I read that Private Share could only be accessed with WD Discovery (My Cloud Home Private User Space and Public Share Access). And even if I solve the issue with the speed, the problem of regular disconnecting (which, as i see, the problem of WD Discovery) still poisons the life and prevents copying large amount of data with multiple files.

You’re definitely right, the best thing I could do is to return it. However, I already got rid of the boxes (“what can go wrong with a brand product designed for dummies after I ensured that it is connected and transferred 1Gb test file in ~10 sec?” I had to test it with many little files first…), not sure they will accept it without boxes, but I will check.

Actually, yes, I changed my choice and now going to take Synology DS-920+ :slight_smile: