My Cloud Home Time Machine Backup Failed

Time Machine backup on My Cloud Home FAILS EVERYTIME I try it. Have spoken with support several times and can’t figure out why. They see “backups”, but they are only PARTIAL!

Anyone else using a MacBook Pro or any other Mac computer or laptop having this issue? Every time I get an error " Backup failed. The backup on My Cloud (serial # here) is already in use."

It s (No problem with backing up my iPhone to My Cloud home.)

I had the same issue once and after I restarted the my cloud home the back up completed and the issue has not happened again. Have you tried resetting the my cloud home?

Yes, numerous times…I have now given up & returned My Cloud Home to Best Buy where I bought it! Now to decide whether to try My Cloud or WD My Book. After having so many wasted hours trying to make My Cloud Home work with my MacBook Pro running High Sierra, I’m really very hesitant to try My Cloud so I’ll probably go with My Book instead… Any recommendations from those familiar with either?