My Cloud and Mac Time Machine issues

I have a Mac Air book and a WD MyCloud. It has been backing up to Time Machine for a few years. However I noticed that the last back up was Feb 16th. When I went to Time Machine and select disc the “disc” was gone. I called Geek Squad they spent hours on it yesterday to no avail. I also spent 4 hours on tech support with WD. They also have no idea and said they would send it to tier 3 support. However I have not heard a word. I can go to my drive via IP Address. However it does not show under finder. when I go to Time Machine and select backup disc it is not there. Yesterday tech support for WD made a lot of changes so I have no idea whats going on. I can access the drive on my iPhone .But seems I am not connecting to the drive on my Mac. Any suggestions?

Hello, Chilla

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I am having similar issues. I am trying to reinstall my WDMyCloud but it fails to connect. So I can’t even see it on the network
Did you get a fix?

so after hours and hours on the phone with WD support and Geek Squad too. Apple support figured out that the Webroot was blocking the drive. So I would check any firewalls you have or if you recently installed any anti virus or malware software.