My Cloud Home spontaneously deleting iTunes folders

Hi all.

I am having a real headache with my new My Cloud Home and I’m hoping it’s just incompetence on my part…

I got the My Cloud Home because my Mac is totally full of iTunes content - mainly movies - so I needed to relocate the iTunes library. I copied the entire iTunes folder (Home-Music-iTunes) to the My Cloud Home, reset iTunes on my Mac to point to the folder on the My Cloud Home. This took literally weeks! Finally it was all there. I checked every single file. I then opened iTunes on the Mac, tried to open a movie. At first it tried to load it… showed the length of the movie etc at the top of iTunes but black screen. Then it said it couldn’t locate the source file.

I went to the My Cloud Home and shock of all shocks… the entire ‘Movies’ folder containing 140 files had disappeared… gone! All the other folders - Music, TV Programmes, Mobile Apps, etc - were still there, just Movies disappeared. So I went back to iTunes and tried to play some music… same thing - deleted the entire Music folder.

Luckily, I had backed up so have not lost all of my iTunes content but what is going wrong and how do I keep my iTunes content on the My Cloud Home and access it from my Mac??

Any help gratefully received as the WD Support have not been able to help at all!


  1. To what location did you copy the iTunes Folder?

I created a folder called iTunes directly at the top level of the My Cloud Home directory.

My Cloud Home - iTunes

Since you have a mac it will not be able to see the public share. youw ill need to enable Plex on the My Cloud Home then use the shared music, movies, etc folders created when plex is enabled to store the files. then add those folders to the itunes library.

Then use the EXAMPLE - Private User Space (Plex Shared Music)

Thanks! Will give that a try!

Quick question… if I store all the movies in the Plex subfolder but then add the folder to iTunes on my Mac, does it copy all the movie files back to my Mac? It says it could take 24 hours. I’m trying to move the files off the Mac so I don’t want them copied back again.

Update: I have spoken to WD and they have told me that the My Cloud Home is not in fact compatible with iTunes. Yes you can copy your files from your iTunes folders to the My Cloud Home and store them there, you can access them over wifi through Plex but you cannot access them from iTunes. If you wish to use iTunes, to sync with an iPad for example, you have to copy the files back to your iTunes folder on your Mac.
Seriously annoyed as this is not made at all clear on the website/marketing materials. Total waste of money for what I needed but I’m stuck with it now so will be spending hours copying movie files backwards and forwards whenever I want to refresh the content on the iPad.