iTunes music folder disappeared

I have just set-up my new WD Home external drive and have spent the best part of today moving across 121GB of music from my internal hard drive.

All was well - I rebooted itunes, choose a new location for my itunes music and voila, we’re up and running.

So I thought - whne I now go into my WD drive the music folder has disappeared. I can not find it anywhere.

I know it there - somewhere - however because where I check the available space on the WD Drive its showing 130GB being used - 121GB of music plus a few photos / work files I have already transferred.

Can anyone offer assistance ?

Do you have a My Cloud Home? Did you put the music in the default public share and you are now looking at the private user space?

Thanks for the response DrLucky.

I’m not sure what space I’m looking at however all the other iTunes files are there ; movies, apps etc. Just music has disappeared… nowhere to be seen.