My Cloud Home - iTunes link can no longer see files on drive

I just purchased a My Cloud Home to digitize my DVD Library. I moved about 100GB of files over to the drive and had no problem viewing and playing from multiple devices. Then I tired linking the drive to my iTunes Library and when I logged back in a new folder had been created in the drive for iTunes but all my other files were gone.

The drive is still showing over 100GB in files but when I long in online, or mount the drive to my MacBook Pro noting is visible. Really hoping I didn’t loose all the DVD files I have ripped over the last few days.

Any help would be appreciated.


My iTunes did not transfer to my my cloud home at all. My photos did automatically. I have spent most of this morning trying to figure out what my problem is. The documentation is very vague _ organize all your files, but just calls out specifically photo and videos _ not specifically music. The content that the WD support provided in this tread is not helpful - it just points back to the general threads that I have been browsing all morning. :confounded:

WD support - Please be more specific. Why is my iTunes not backing up? Is it possible to stream this to another device from this storage device? I cannot tell you how frustrated I am for not being able to find the solution AND weed out the info just for my cloud home vs that of my cloud!!

This isn’t WD support. This is a user forum. If you want user help with your problem, post on the correct forum.

The My Cloud and My Cloud Home are different devices. That is why one is pointed to the My Cloud Home subforum. If one digs through that subforum they’ll find the following thread discussing attempting to use iTunes media on a My Cloud Home.

This is a user to user support forum. If you need actual support from WD then contact them directly.

Thanks for all the replies and clarifications! The past day has resulted in much frustration trying to determine what is possible and what info to believe from the two similar named products, many different topic threads and customer support resources. I give up!