My Cloud Home > Plex

I can access the Plex panel through direct IP address + port (http and inside my home network.
I port forwarded 32400 in my modem router, so I can even access the Plex panel through my public IP + port (http and https://mypublicip:32400) outside my home network.

BUT if I log in through the official Plex website with my Plex account. My Cloud Home is ALWAYS unreachable.

This means everywhere I log in the plex app (my smart TV, PS4, …) I cannot access My Cloud Home.
Even stranger is that in the Plex iOS app I DO have access to My Cloud Home OUTSIDE my home network (with the exact same account). This makes no sense…

I reinstalled Plex multiple times on My Cloud Home. Rebooted multiple times. Always the same problem afterwards.

Is anyone having the same problem? Even better… can someone help me with my problem?

Nevermind, I found the problem :slight_smile:
You have to active the port forwarding not only in your modem router but in plex aswell.