My Cloud Home picture rendering blurry in iOS and Android app

Did anyone notice that the picture rendering looks blurry on either iPad or Android based pads?

I bought this for my father and I noticed viewing photos in the app are blurry. In the App, if I export the file to another app e.g. iPad Photo app, then it is sharp and clear. That means the full size file is on the drive. I am assuming the app does some descaling when showing the picture for performance, but the result is far from acceptable.

I have a synology NAS for myself, and synology app doesn’t have this issue when showing picture in their app.

Any solution?

iPad - please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the My Cloud Home Mobile app for iPad and no the iPhone

Android - the My Cloud Home mobile app is supported on Android Mobile Phones. Android based tablets and and pads are not supported by the My Cloud Home Mobile Phone App.

I double checked the app is the iPad version.

My iPad is a mini.

Anyone has the same problem? or do WD engineer ever bother to check?

I saw other posts on previous WD mycloud and saying the WD Photo app has a button to show HD images. But there is no such option in WD My Cloud Home app.

I thought WD mycloud home is an easier solution for non-tech user…

got exactly the same problem, all my photos taken by a SLR camera look totally different through my cloud home app both on iPhone and iPad. Lots of details are lost in photos from my cloud home app compared with those from my PC virtual drive created by WD discovery. I don’t think it is a matter of the app version, because there is only ONE my cloud home app for iPad in the AppStore. But I don’t know whether this has something to do with my router or not. I’m using a 100M router instead of a Gigabit router. Can’t tell if this influences something behind the app. Waiting for the solution.

i have the same problem