Reviewing photos at high resolution via the App

When I try to review photos on my My Cloud Home via the App on an Android phone or an IPAD, I can only see them as low resolution thumbnails. There seems to be no way to review them as high resolution images. WD Support have not been very helpful, indeed suggesting that there is no solution. Has anybody a solution to this problem as it seriously compromises the utility of the entire device.

Update - the IPAD App seems OK now, but I still cant get to view images at High Resolution on my Android Phone. All ideas welcome

You should be able to view them as high resolution in the mobile web browser.

The App photo resolution is mobile phone dependent. This is the same way with Synology Photos app in a competing cloud storage product.

Thanks for the response and info. I can see them at full resolution if I use the web browser on my mobile, it’s just a shame to have to log into it everytime I want to see them. Interesting to note the same issue with Synology.