Blurry photos

hi all,

Got myself an My Cloud home from WD. I’ve installed the app on my S10+ ( android ).
But now i see the photo’s blurry on the app ? On the computer they are sharp ?

Anyone a solution ?


There should be an issue with My Cloud Home software itself. I have photos coming from both iphone and samsung phone and this is what i realised;

  • Photos uploaded from Samsung phone are looking good in the app. This includes photos from old version like S5.
  • Photos uploaded from Iphone are blurry on app. And if u download the photo on app back to your iphone gallery. It looks perfectly fine.

@WD, u just need to do one simple thing. U try upload a photo into your profile picture. That itself is already blur.
For me to come up with such analysis, u can imagine i have done all obvious checks. I would love to see response that address the question straight.

I was thinking the same thing however it seems over time, ie a few hours or a day, the blurry quality is replaced with HQ photos on both my Samsung and iPad using the app. I think I read somewhere that when new photos are initially added it shows a low res thumbnail but eventually all photos are restored to original quality. Can’t be certain but that’s my experience so far.

Oh yea, u r right. It took about a day for the photo to get sharper. Now mine seems ok.
It happen to video as well, when i first upload, the video streaming is laggy and stuttering, afterwards then it gets ok.

I am finding this with s10+
photos are blurry. waiting to see if this improves, but it makes no sense are we are accessing the drive directly, I assumed was because I was copying over my old hard drive. why would it take days to become clear, where is the image being cached?