My cloud Home iOS Photo

Hi, i try upload photo to my cloud home device from iphone device with my cloud home apps. But i check the image quality in my cloud is not good like in the iphone, when i check the file size, the file compressed. Is there any info to upload image file with full size from iphone ?

Thank you for the help.

If you read or search this forum, this issue has been discussed before - Blurry photos. It seems that when photos are first uploaded to MCH it is a thumbnail compressed pic. The full resolution image becomes available after a few hours or maybe a day. Not sure why this is but that’s been my and others experience. If this doesn’t happen for you, you may wish to repost as there may be another issue.

@kjmsmith Thank you for the information, i’ll try like your link to another topic.

I have the exact problem. Got my new WD My Cloud Duo couple weeks ago, backed up all the photos to it from my iPhone. It has been over a week now, but photos viewed from either on My Cloud App or Desktop are still blurry especially those taken in portrait mode and they seem to be heavily compressed (file size is much smaller). A bit frustrated right now, as I planned to delete them from my phone to save space however didn’t realize the backup quality got compromised. Does anybody have this issue? Appreciate further assistance on this, thanks.