Photos in mobile app not high quality?

The photos in the iOS app seem to be a lot less sharp and clear than the ones on the actual drive. I’ve saw some older comments about an “HD” button, but that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. WD has done a lot to make their mobile app usable with photos to attract people to use it, but why would they not allow full resolution photos? If I view the information button on the photo in the mobile app, it shows it is full size, but doesn’t look it. Does anyone know if the photos in the iOS app are somehow scaled back or only thumbnails or am I just imagining things?

I have the same problem. Im using Home Cloud on ipad and iphone.

The issue is:

Most of the photos are blurry, some photos are better.

This is so annoying. I brought a Synology NAS. Its working perfectly. I saw forum topics about that problem, but the last answer is in the topic was in june 2018. ??? Thats crazy!!!