My Cloud Home offline in discovery and web app, but online on mobile app


I’m a new user here, but I’ve been using My Cloud Home for the past six months. I never had any issue until very recently. I can’t access My Cloud from my PC, either through WD Discovery (it shows the device as offline) or the web app (it says server is offline, please try again later). I can access my files from the mobile app. I haven’t changed any settings on my PC but there’s an automatic definition update for windows defender. Can anyone help me?


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Seems to be some widespread issues. My device has the same problem. Keeps saying offline.

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Yes… I am having the same issue where I can access the files when I am in the office and same network as MyCloud Home. When I am outside, the app will be able to see the folders (but not the files), while the web-app states that the server is offline.

It was working a couple of weeks ago. Anyone found the solution to this issue already?

Many thanks in advance.

I am having exactly the same issue and it is so frustrating since I had a car accident and I am trying to do paperwork and all my scans are in the cloud.

Same problem. My Cloud Home keeps saying its offline… cannot acces my files.

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My desktop app came back online all of the sudden last week, after being offline for almost 2 weeks. The only workaround is by accessing the file from the mobile app. When my desktop app was down, the mobile app worked flawlessly, which is very confusing since if this was a server issue, the mobile app shouldve been affected as well. I dont know what happened, but everything is working normally now. I didnt even restart the NAS or anything. No change has been made to the settings etc.

Are you at home? If so could you check with a different IP. See if the server isn’t offline. For me it seems…

I can access My Cloud if I’m signed in but it’s offline on WD discovery desktop. Would prefer to use Z:drive on File explorer. Any help from the makers of WD?