My Cloud Home Offline in WD discovery, Android app and browser web app

I did add this on the end of another post but it was from January and wasn’t sure if people would see it. I can’t access my MCH anymore. I can access the Public network share and my Plex server is working fine. But, after restarting the WD discovery app, I get the message “Login service unavailable”. After I try again it just says offline. Both my Android app and Windows 11 browser web app open but after the spinning search icon they both timeout. I’ve just noticed that if I click the gear icon next to “My cloud home - Offline” in WD discovery. In the pop up menu it says with the option underneath to Sign Out.
So I am signed in then?

All stop! It seams to be OK now. I did check the status etc and it said no problems.

I am in Portugal and I have the same issue, I can’t access to my cloud… what is happening?

Mine is OK now. They might have had some problems.