My Cloud Home firmware still 8.9.0-108

Hello all. I seem to be stuck on firmware 8.9.0-108 meaning I’m currently 3 releases behind. It feels like all I do is search for solutions to MCH problems. Only just managed to reinstall WD discovery after an update failed.

У меня аналогично не обновляется

I’ve just been looking through the otaclient.log, I don’t really understand it, but it does look like my MCH does check for newer versions but the update doesn’t happen. Not clever enough too workout why but maybe a URL problem.

В прошлый раз было так ! ( Что сейчас не понятно проверку или ошибку обновлений вообще не вижу в логе When will the firmware 8.5.1-102 be pushed to our Device? - #43 by SycoAlex

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Thanks for the link. Very interesting read. I’m working my way through it now.:+1:

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Отпишитесь если не сложно по результату .

Hopefully that didn’t translate properly. Otherwise I’m not quite sure what you are saying.

If you succeed in updating to the new firmware, please inform)

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Yes, just like that time, this time it was stuck at 8.90-108.

I checked the otaclient.log and my opinion is that WD has not put the new firmware information on the server where our batch of machines are getting the new firmware.

2022-09-23T00:21:19.949031+00:00 di=** info otaclient[2842]: {“comp”:“otaclient”,“corid”:“om2:**”,“currentVersion”:“8.9.0-108”,“file”:“otaClient.go”,“fn”:“(*OtaClient).versionInfo”,“githash”:“”,“immediate”:false,“importPath”:“internal/otaclient”,“line”:434,“msgid”:“versionInfo”,“sha256sum”:“”,“time”:“2022-09-23T00:21:19.948Z”,“toVersion”:“”,“updateUboot”:false,“url”:“”}

On the server where our batch of machines are getting still is old firmware 8.9.0-108.

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Tell me which folder this log is in?

It is not clear how the Neisi update happened then?

Still on 8.9.0-108 . I have a ARRIS TG2492LG-85 Router and upnp has set up only one port forward for my MCH. Local port - 443 external port - 49592 on TCP. Is that right?

I have the same. I also tried to open all ports in the nat table did not give a result
redmi ax6

Login and click settings - Your Device - Device Logs

This logs can download in local network.

Thank you figured it out. I did not want to download from the external network only from the local… Didn’t you have an update yet?

Not yet.

There is no other way but to wait.

Just had my update today (8.11.0-113)
Sans titre

Where did it come from?)) There is no such thing on the site) extreme it is 8.10.102-100

Yes i wondered why too… but nothing surprising me now with WD updates or problems (with macos betas…) :man_shrugging:t2: