My Cloud Home Firmware 8.5.1-102 Release Notes (5/23/2022)

Supported Devices: My Cloud Home, My Cloud Home Duo

Description : My Cloud™ Home and My Cloud Home Duo 8.5.1 firmware release is a major update to My Cloud Home operating system. The focus of this release is to improve security and reliability of My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo devices.

Updates in this Release

  • Updated from Android based Operating system to Linux Operating System
  • Updated Linux Kernel to 4.9.266
  • Updated Open source components based on Debian 10 (“Buster”)
  • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.1.1n-0+deb10u1 to resolve CVE-2022-0778 that could result in a denial of service vulnerability
  • Updated Linux kernel’s cgroup_release_agent_write to resolve CVE-2022-0492 which could lead to an improper authentication issue
  • Visit Western Digital’s Product Security Portal to find more information about our security fixes
  • Added improvements to app installations from Do More store

Important Notes :

  • Firmware update to 8.5.1-102 will be pushed automatically to My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo devices
  • After the update, all device users will continue to be able to access device data using Mobile app, Web app or Desktop app
  • Apps installed from Do More store will no longer be available and will need to be reinstalled. Content that was imported by the app can still be accessed
  • Mirror It app will no longer be supported and will be available as ElephantDrive app
  • The following apps will not be supported:
    • Channels DVR
    • Instagram
    • Box
    • One Drive
    • Alexa
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