My Cloud Home case sensitive file format

Hello everyone, I have recently bought my own My Cloud Home, but there’s a real big deal of an issue for me here. I bought the cloud device to have a shared and synced cloud that I can handle at home to continue the development of my projects. I have copied a project over to the cloud, and when I try to open it through the game engine (Unity 3D), it says that case-sensitive file systems are not supported. Is there any way to format the device to a non-case sensitive file system? Do I have to dismantle the My Cloud Home to put it into my PC and format it to a non case-sensitive system?

I have the same question here: File names are case sensitive

So far I have no one answering.

This is proving to be a problem for me too. Very unimpressed at the lack of any kind of answer.

This is a very unusual use case for the home cloud user and it is not surprising that there are not too many answers because not too many home users would try to share and build Visual Studio code on a remote share home cloud Android box which is what the My Cloud Home is.

Case sensitivity doesn’t depend on the compiler, but the underlying file system. So Linux may not be case sensitive , if the file system is remotely mounted on a Windows box, and vice versa. If you want to force case sensitivity on a Windows box, the only solution I know is to remote mount a file system on a Unix box.

Note that this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re developing on Linux, then moving to Windows. It’s the reverse which is a problem. And the only real solution is to define and strictly enforce a naming convention.