My cloud for ipad only


i recently purchased the my cloud for my dad in order for him to easily transfer his photos and videos from his ipad onto the my cloud.  i was under the impression this was all going to be seamless (but like when transfering from ipad to icloud) yet i cant seem to get this to happen.  i have missed soemthing or miss understood how the photos are transfered?

to note my dad does not have a pc/mac. only an ipad

thank you for you help

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

What application are you trying to use to transfer the pictures? You can try using WD Photo and on this application you can transfer the content on the camera roll to the drive.

You can get this application from the App store and it is free of charge. 

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you’ll be sorely disappointed if you think it works anywhere near as good as apples icloud with apple products. 

thanks for the reply.

re: icloud, the problem i was encountering was i couldnt find away to upload any videos.  as far as i can tell only photos can be transfered into icloud which doesnt help with reducing memory on the ipad itself.

thanks for the advice.  when i get home i will check this out.  i am sure i donwloaded something onto the ipad but cant rememeber what.  I will come back and update later

Hi ArMak

I have downloaded wd photo app for iPad but can’t see a way of the photos transferring automatically from the iPad into the app. I can see how you can transfer from the iPad through the green camera icon but this is a manual process. I was hoping to have photos automatically transfer as they are taken on iPad. have I been misinformed or misunderstood how photos are transferred ?