Want to migrate everything on iCloud acct to MyCloud Drive

Then get rid of iCloud acct. (and the $2.99 a month charge!)

is there an easy way to do this direct from iCloud to MyCloud drive.

I have My Cloud set up to upload / Backup my iPhotos
(which I just checked has stopped on 10/15/2018 - any clue as to why on that too?
settings on app say its on)

Thanks ahead of time

Hello mdsd77,

Unfortunately, there is no direct way or tool available to move photos from iCloud to My Cloud. You need to copy all files in iPhone device from iCloud, then backup to My Cloud device using My Cloud Mobile app for iOS.
However, it is recommended to uninstall and reinstall the My Cloud Mobile app if not backing up the data from iPhone mobile.

I would not use an iPhone to do the copying. I would use my WIN.PC.

Open web browser and go to iCloud.com and you can get into your iCloud and explore what is in it.

Download what you want to go to computer’s download folder. In iCloud, look at top of screen for download arrow. Click on what you want to download. You can monitor what is happening by opening a Downloads window in browser. and also what is showing up in your computers downloads folder.

Start wtth a few files to see how it goes. Using your computer’s file manager you can move files from download folder to a My Cloud folder.

Cool I like this,. I completely forgot about being able to access iCloud from my laptop of browser.
Only drawback I see is pictures, you can only download 1000 at a time.
Unfortunately I have some large folders with more than that in them.
I cannot see the pics name, which would make it easy as they were numbered sequentially.

Appreciate the help and reply.

Glad this helps.
Essentially, what you want to do is copy all your data from icloud to your laptop so you can store the data elsewhere.
I suggest you google this basic question for more ideas and search the Apple support site and forum, too.
I also suggest you downgrade your icloud to the 50 GB size for 99 cents per month. This is what I have because it is handy to have.