Transfer pictures to wd mycloud to view on ipad and ihone using the wd apps

how do i transfer pictures to wd my cloud to view on ipad and iphone using the wd apps. i tried copy and paste to a folder, is that the right way to do it,

I’m starting this journey now…

This is the guide to share them on my apple TV.

But i don’t know how to access this same thing from an iphone/pad

The simplest answer is to upload the pohots to your EX4.

Then download teh EX4 app.

Then browse to the photos you’d like to view.

Now i just made that sound really simple but there are some steps involved in getting acces to your device and what not.  I remember it being pretty straight forward, therefore i don’t remember the steps exactly.  Let me know if you have any dierect questions in doing that.