My Cloud Firmware and Android app updates

Hi, as I installed the new firmware update to my WD Drive and also updated the android app on the same day, I am not sure which is to blame. I can access my cloud drive via PC / Windows 10 no problem, but my android devices connect to the first level my cloud files only. Any attempt therafter to open a file at second level, I get the message “Unable to access device (500)”. Anyone else affected? Any easy solution? Thanks


I haven’t seen other users with this case on the community. Can you please try resetting the unit and reinstalling the app? If stills the same, try contacting WD Support for further assistance.

thanks ERmorel, have done all that, (at home) and even reset completely the android device back to factory settings. What is wierd is that I have a back up My Cloud 4TB in another building 20km away and I can access that fine using the same internet connection for the devices with the my cloud app that won´t work at home.