My Cloud EX4 Setup Tips

Did you pick up a My Cloud EX4?  Here are some tips on setup:

  1. – this is where our ‘online learning center’ lives.  It has setup software, additional helpful software (quickview, smartware, my cloud desktop app, etc…).  If you’re setting the device up, start here.
  2. If you skip the setup software (and just type your IP address in the web browser), you’ll be faced with a login screen… It’s got no password by default – once you setup the device, you can secure the admin account.
  3. My Cloud EX4 doesn’t require you to download and install the OS – whether its empty or fully populated, the My Cloud EX4 will boot up and allow you to login to the Dashboard and get configured.
  4. QuickView – it’s a pretty handy little app.  It lives in your systray or menu bar.  It allows you to open shares, map drives, and quickly get to the dashboard.
  5. Use the account – it will make your life easier when you’re setting up mobile access.  You can do it without, but if you get a new device or reinstall the app, you can add all your Personal Cloud drives tied to your account.  Also works great with the My Cloud desktop app!  We’re also cooking up more software that will use this.  J
  6. Loading drives – there is a cool little picture on the tray, showing the right way to insert the HDD’s.  The drives can only fit one way – you can’t close the tray if it’s in the wrong orientation.
  7. Buying a 2nd power supply – these are initially available on the – they’ll likely pop up here and there, but for day 1 folk – go to our online store…
  8. SmartWare Pro – with My Cloud EX4, you’ll get a 10-user premium license with SmartWare Pro.  If you need more, we offer the ability to buy additional seats.  If you’re a Mac person, you can use Time Machine to backup across the network (unlimited!)
  9. My Cloud mobile app – download and install this app when you’re setting up the My Cloud EX4. 
  10. I really wanted a 10th thing… We’re pretty easy to get going.  If you have any trouble, let us know!




Now this is helpful :wink:

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  1.  Download the new firmware.

  2.  Do a factory Reset.  Hold down the reset button on the back of the unit w/ a pen tip for 30 secs.

  3.  Enable a static IP.

  4.  Enable UPnP on your router.

These steps have taken my device from a useless piece of disconnecting hardware to a perfct little angel.

I am having trouble setting up my MyCloud.   It worked decently a few weeks ago but now it wont connect at all.  Lite on the device is BLUE and my software recognizes the device but when I clicik “connect”  it says “sit back while we connect to the device” and it never connects.    Why don’t these devices work as simply and seemlessly as Apple products?   Very frustrating. 

Can you explain point 8 a bit more?

I’ve bought an EX4, and everything works nicely except I can’t find Smartware Pro.  From the learning center page it takes me to a download for an updater for Smartware, which I’ve run (three times now!), and still I don’t have Smartware (or Smartware Pro) on my PC.  On the startmenu, Quickview is in the Smartware folder, nothing else.

So, how do I get the software, and how do I find my licences?  One of the reasons I bought this model is because of the Smartware software…