My cloud setup software for legacy system

I have an older mycloud 2tb system that I am trying to install. When I god to it brings up I select the system 1st top left and I get a msg on my browser “This site cannot be reached.” Is this setup software available. I attached system to my network and powered it up. I get the solid blue light and blinking green link light but it is not getting an ip address from the router and I don’t have the setup software. Thanks for your help!

If you have a 1st generation My Cloud, Firmware 04.xx.xx, look at the User Manual.

My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (

If you determine you have the 2nd generation, firmware 02.xx.xx, let me know and I will provide the User Manual for that.

Obviously a broken link on WD’s side. One does not need to use the online ( portal to setup their My Cloud. One can instead use the My Cloud Dashboard to setup and configure their My Cloud’s features and options.

How to Set up a My Cloud Device Using the Dashboard

it doesn’t require extra software or tool in order to store data files. WD tools or software enables to create backup, ACES ETM check the health of drive and encrypt drive for data access which enhances the drive experience.