My Cloud EX2 Ultra Initial Setup

Hi all. First time posting… I am hoping someone here can provide guidance because emailing WD Customer Support has not helped (going in circles). I followed the initial instructions where I plug in the device, went to the setup site, and selected my device (My Cloud EX2 Ultra); it opens a new tab with the path ‘mycloudex2ultra’; however, I get the message, “This site can’t be reached.” I contacted WD Customer support who sent me a link where I was supposed to download a setup file (How to Install a My Cloud, Mirror, EX2, or EX4 drive on Windows or macOS). However, it appears the site or instructions have changed because I can find no setup file to download. I tell them that and ask for revised instructions or a direct link to the file. They then send me a link back to the general setup instructions (How to set up a My Cloud EX2 Ultra device using the Dashboard), which is where my failure started to begin with. I did try the 40-second reset, which failed to resolve my issue. I still get “This site can’t be reached” when attempting to access ‘mycloudex2ultra’. Here is where I most hope someone can help. I have the My Cloud EX2 Ultra plugged into a network switch (i.e., not directly into my router). The PDF User Guide I downloaded (before I purchased to try to ensure plugging into the switch and not the router was okay) states , “Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable directly into a router or network switch port.” So, I think this should be okay. However, that latest link/web-based instructions say, " 1. Connect the device to a network router". So, I am unsure if it must be attached to the router, or if I just need better instructions. My router is in another room and non-convenient location for this device so I really hope connecting to the network switch works. So, the general setup is, I have a DSL modem, which is connected to/hardwired to my wifi router in another room (wall plates/behind wall wires between those rooms), the modem is hardwired/connected to the network switch, and the My Cloud EX2 Ultra is connected to the network switch. So, the device is connected to the network, but not directly to the router. I am on a laptop that is connected to the network via wifi. That is all I can think to describe. Any help for getting setup is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

connection device to a home network is like the old game
button -button who has the button.

The fall back to try if the easy way in the documentation fails:

I use a network app to find out where the network put the device IP address.
( then AFTER getting in I make the ip address a fixed address)

direct connect to computer or connection to switch or direct to router should work after you boot the unit. then re-boot the computer.

While jumping to the different reset button options can help – save that for a ( if all else fails option)

ie re-boot unit - different cable - different location to plug in on network.

Thank you! I found the IP address on my network. I then plugged that address into my web browser and the setup site launched successfully. I greatly appreciate the suggestion. I don’t understand why WD Customer “Support” couldn’t tell me that.

In case you haven’t gathered, there’s no such thing as “WD Customer Support”!