'My Cloud device not found', cannot open IP address, cannot get to dashboard

I really need some help!

I have a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra 8 TB.
At first, I could not install it from my MacBook Air, but only from my iMac.
However, now I can only access my files trough ‘Finder’ > locations > MyCloudEX2Ultra on my MacBook Air (and not anymore on my iMac).

But if i try to get to the dashboard by typing in the IP-address, or by http://wdmycloud.local/ or by http://files.mycloud.com/setup, I only get ’ This site can’t be reached wdmycloud.local ’s server IP address could not be found.’, This site can’t be reached, xx.xxx.xxx.xxx took too long to respond.’ or ‘My Cloud device not found’.
My router is a DreyTek Vigor2132FVn.

Previously, resetting did not resolve this issue.

Please help! Thanks a lot!

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Hi marjolein,

You can follow the steps mentioned in below article to access the dashboard of My Cloud EX2 Ultra in a web browser: