My Cloud EX2 Ultra and WD80EFAX

Hi All.

I’ve got the My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS without hard drives installed. And I’ve just purchased brand new 8TB HDD of WD Red series (WD80EFAX to be exact) to be installed in it .
Once the system booted up I’ve got solid red LED of the disk1. Running system test reported problem with the disk.

So, my question is: Should this HDD (WD80EFAX) be working fine with the My Cloud EX2 Ultra?


Yes, the WD80EFAX is a compatible HDD. Have you setup the RAID successfully? During setup, it also runs DST to check health.

If you continue to have problem, contact the WD Support directly.

Whats the outcome here, as i have a similar issue?

My issue solved by making a partition table first, since the brand new HDD was delivered unpartitioned.