Existing hard drives in new My Cloud EX2 NAS

I have two existing hard drives from a previous NAS that stopped working. I’m fairly certain the drives are fine, the old NAS unit itself failed. I installed the new drives and the My Cloud EX2 recognizes them but states there are “No configured volumes” and I can’t see any shares and it appears I need to setup the RAID mode as a next step. My concern is if I will lose all the data off the drives. I believe they were setup in RAID 1 mode on the previous NAS but I’m honestly not sure which was drive 1 vs 2 (if that matters).

Any insight is appreciated.

Hi mdesveaux,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support if you are having trouble with the form.

In case anyone else references this chain, after a lot of additional investigation, as well as a trip to Best Buy to see about help (which they provided none…said they couldn’t get the data off), I found a solution. Spent $20 on a iDsonix hard drive reader and downloaded for FREE DiskInternals Linux Reader. Was able to plug in the hard-drive and access files without issue. This was after I also tried (and paid for) EaseUS software which looked promising, but ended up providing files that were useless (half to all of the visible picture was missing).

In the end, really frustrated that Seagate (previous NAS enclosure brand) and other manufacture sites provided no guidance to lead to this solution…it was only because of forums similar to this one that I was eventually able to come across piece meal solutions.