Will Seagate IronWolf NAS 8TB work in my wd my cloud ex2 ultra

hi guys
my wife has bought me diskless my cloud ex2 ultra
my question is will Seagate IronWolf NAS 8TB hdd work in my wd my cloud ex2 ultra which I already have 2 of those hdds

You may want to ask in the specific EX2 subforum where people more knowledgeable about that unit may be able to assist.


Generally most non WD SATA hard drives should work with the My Cloud devices. This is what WD says about disc compatibility with the EX2 Ultra:

If you already have 2 of those hdds perhaps you should tell us whether they work or not :slight_smile:

The surprising thing is that even WD doesn’t know as they would always say use either the RED or Black WD hdd only.

Let us know whether they work or not…

I just bought My Cloud EX2 Ultra diskless version and its working fine with Seagate 4 TB Ironwolf NAS drives. Had no issues adding the drive to the NAS and its working pretty well.