My Cloud error

Hi, I have an error I can’t decipher from the Front LED help codes.

Power up initially get front LED on, then in goes off.
Powering on without network, flashing yellow, until network connected, then off after connected.
Network activity lights still normal behaviour.
Current firmware, checked recently.

MyCloud mac app, connects in about 15sec. Slow response into a shared folder, just spinning wheel of death then occasionally getting in.

Also not visible as a media server now

Network share usually crashes too before connecting.
Not changes to infrastructure. 8port switch to ASUS wireless router. Static IP. Can’t access admin webpage, just hangs.
Concerned it might be failing, since the front LED won’t light after it boots up.



If you have a 1st generation My Cloud three to four years old then the blue LED has probable burned out and no longer works. A search should find several topics on this.

What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far? If you can get to the Dashboard, what does diagnosis show. See image of mine below. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.


Have you ran a system diagnostics?

I suggest you do these and then come back if you find problems. You may also want to send a report to WD using the drop down menu for help if you find something wrong.