My Cloud 3TB front panel LED not working,sometimes works very dim? drive and access is ok

Hi All,
My Cloud 3TB all of a sudden has lost it’s front panel led’s,sometimes works dim and sometimes not at all.Access to the drive is ok,and working ok on the network.Just no visible led on the front panel.
Does anyone have a fix for this? Same with the WD My Book.All access ok on both.Any help here would be appreciated.Thankyou.

Have you searched the Knowledge Base? If you own a 1st generation My Cloud this is a known problem and several topics have been created about it.

Do you have a 1st or 2nd generation My Cloud?

I think it’s the first Generation,It’s out of warranty,how would I know if 1st or 2nd my Cloud personal.
yes I have searched,and looks like they had them replaced under warranty.Everything works ok,except the front panel led.Very dim blue flashing when sleeping,and dim blue when running.I just wondered if someone has fixed this panel led somehow.Replaced or connection problem inside?