My Book Recognized on Laptop But Not on Desktop PC

I have a iT WD My Book Model WD1000C33-001.  I want to use it to backup my desktop and my laptop.  I am able to get it to be recognized and work omj my laptop but not on my deasktop.

Both computers are running Win 7 Pro.  When I connect the drive to my desktop I get a message that says that there is an unrecognized USB device.  The drive does not show up in Widows Explorer,  Computer or Device Manager.

When I connect it to my Win 7 Pro laptop it is recognized and I was able to copy files from the laptop to the drive.

I would really appreciate any advise as to what I need to do on my desktop to get it to recognize the My Book drive.

Does the drive show in the Disk Manager? Try updating the USB drivers on the desktop. Make sure you’re not using a cable longer than the original, don’t use a hub and try a port on the back. 



The drive does not show up in Disk Manager.  I am using the same USB cable on the laptop where the drive works fine.  I just used Device Manager and tried to update the drivers of all of the USB controllers that were shown.  Each one showed that the driver software was up to date and I still am unable to see the My Book drive.