My Book Essential no longer recognized

I tried to do my “semi annual” backup yesterday, and the laptop did not recognize My Book (1.0tb / usb 2.0)    I tried the usual; changing the usb cord, unplugging, rebooting the laptop.   I also tried it on our pc, and again it is not recognized anywhere.  It is lit up, but that is all.   I ran a chkdsk, and again… nothing.    It is like it doesn’t exist.  I am quite concerned because I have pictures and files backup on this from old laptops that we no longer own.

Any advice would be apprecied.

Hello and welcome to the WD community

When you have the unit plugged on the computer, are you able to see the unit on disk management? Also you can try to connect the power adapter directly to the wall outlet to see if this works for you.

 It is not showing in disc management, and it is not showing in device management also.

I did connect the power directly to the wall unit, and again it is not appearing anywhere.