WD My Book Essential 2.0 Unrecognized on Desktop- Previously Recognized

Hi all,

I have a My Book Essential Edition 2.0, serial number WCAU45824339, model/order number WDH1U10000N that I originally used on my Windows XP desktop (AMD Athlon 3200, 4gb mem, Service Pack 3, 500 GB HDD, MSI MoBo).  I also have a l Vista laptop that I use it with.

Here’s the story:

Used on the desktop

Used on the laptop

No problem.

Used on the laptop several times and kept it unplugged from the desktop.  (I used it as storage for my music collection as I do some part time DJing.).  I haven’t connected to the desktop since december/january (I don’t remember specifically) until today.  Now, the MyBook is unrecognized on the desktop.

Any help?

I have the same problem as well with a older external drive. but i use it very often to put all my files.

i do not see it as a listed external drive. but i do see it in the system folder under harddrives.

need some help here. using it on a dell 1330xps,dell precision , dell dimension. all have xp sp3.

need to get files and maybe reformatting drive?

any help is appreciated.

When right clicking on “My Computer” and going to “manage” MyBook shows up as an “external Mass Storage Device” and has the yellow exclamation point in front of it.

It’s being recognized in the computer management window, but not as a storage device that works properly. 


Just connected it to laptop using the same plugs, USB and AC Adapter and works just fine.  So the drive works as well as all of the cords.  I’ve tried three different USB ports on my desktop to no avail.

Any other thoughts?

I just got an RMA for mine because it doesn’t connect anymore, I’ve had it for a month and it’s been nothing but trouble - sometimes connecting and disconnecting 3 times in 10 seconds.

WD sent me a 2TB to replace the 1TB that stopped working. So far so good. I won’t dare try to update the firmware. Too bad because there are a couple of features I could use.

WD Sent a new USB cord and now works just fine.  Gah.