My my book essential will not recognize on any PC

I bought a 1.5tb my book ( WDBAAF0015HBK) a few months ago and finally opened it up to use last week. I plugged it it and it powered up fine and it seemed like everything was fine. I was able to open it up on my computer and was able to put a few gigs on it and left it like that. Two days ago I powered it up fine and plugged it into my pc and nothing. I couldnt get it to recognize on my computer or 6 other computers! The power stays on and I try everything to get it to recognize but it will not. I cannot figure out why it will not. Any ideas what to do? 

You can try updating the firmware on the drive. The following link will help with   that.

Hope this helps.

Hi there, Try going to Disk Management in the computer, you can try a different USB cable and verify the status in Disk Management and if the drive is recognized there, If it is, What is the status?