4TB My Book not recognized by computer

I recently purchased a My Book 4TB drive for backup purposes. I have tried connecting this device to different computers (Win7 Pro 64-bit, Win10 Pro 64-bit, older computers, newer computers) and no matter what I do the drive is not recognized by the computer. It does NOT appear in computer management and there is no “ping” or any drivers installing like what normally happens when an external USB drive is plugged in.

I like the drive and would prefer NOT to return it, but if this cannot be resolved, it’s going back for something different.

I have found on Win 7 that the drive sometimes needs to be turned ‘online’ in Computer Management/Disk Management. Sometimes my external drive won’t appear until I go into Disk Management, right click the drive and turn it to ‘online’.

Of course, if the drive does not show up in Computer Management in the Disk Management selection, you have other problems.

Are there lights showing on the drive? Is the USB cable good and securely inserted in the drive?

Once the USB is plugged in, the light is solid white. Cables are securely connected and have tried another cable as well.