Drive not recognized

My WD my book model wd1000h1u-00 will nto show up in my PC on windows 10. It was fine in windows 8. I can see it in devices and printers and device manager but not disk management. When i click troubleshoot in devices and printers i get a message saying not compatible with USB 3.0 but it is plugged into a USB 2.0 port

Windows 10 is still buggy. It’s probably a driver issue. I see people on other forums having problems with USB devices. 


Is there any way to download a driver for this model?

I connected it to another computer that has vista, still did not show up in MY PC, showed up in disk management but when i right clicked my only option was to delete volume, then i had to format. Then the drive showed up. Don’t understand why this would happen. I lost all files on that drive but luckily that was the back up drive not main drive