My Book not recognised by Smartware - Inadequate WDSupport

Look out! Some Current My Book models do not work with WD Smartware.
I have a configuration of three external WD devices. One recently purchased My Book, one older My Book and one other WD external Device.
The two older devices work well with WD Smartware. When introducing the new device WD Smartware does not recognise it as a Target Device ie I cannot Backup to this new Device.
I bought the device for compatability and to enhance my backup facility, but the device is unfit for purpose.
This is the case even when my older devices are removed and the new My Book is working alone as the backup for my internal drive.

My Book Support have lost interest after two months of Investigation. In that time everything has been swapped.
They recognise a problem exists but have no plan to fix it. What sort of Customer Care is this?


  1. FACT - Western Digital produce devices which are not fit for purpose.
  2. FACT - Western Digital Customer Care is limited.
  3. FACT - Western Digital Sell but do not properly Support.

The new WD My Book (WDBBGBxxxxHBK) uses WD Backup as opposed to WD SmartWare.

WD SmartWare Pro on the other hand should work with the unit.

Original fault report - The My Book in Question is a WDBF-JK0040HBK-EESN

The software being used is WD Smartware Pro