WD mybook drive working fine but WD software doesn't recognise it as a WD drive

I got a MyBook 2T drive recently and plugged it in to my Win7x64 PC, which recognises it and I think it is running as superfast USB3. Also the WD SES device appears in the device manager.
When I try to run WD drive utilities, it doesnt recognise it, although the WD quick view seems happy.

Also when I try to run the smartware installer, it doesn’t ask any questions about what I want to install, and when I run smartware, the backup and retrieve tabs are grayed out, and the settings only allows me to select software settings.

Not quite sure what is happening here. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello, check if you have the latest USB drivers installed for your PC. If possible also try connecting the My Book to another PC to verify if the same problem happens.

as far as I can tell I have the latest drivers. Attaching to another pc is not an option