WD_Smartware won't backup to MyBook

I’m helping a colleague who has a MyBook from some years ago, I think the 1 TB size. The case looks like the image in the link.

I’ve used WD_Smartware with my Mybook and am happy with it. I am trying to set my colleague up.
We’ve installed WD_Smartware, but when we start Smartware, and say the target for the backup is her MyBook, it says we need to purchase an account key. Is the software failing to detect that this is a MyBook? I have a 2TB MyBook, the case looks the same, and did not need to purchase anything to use WD_Smartware. How can my colleague proceed?


Can you please share the model number of the drive?

Not all My Book drives come with WD Smartware included.

I assume this is the model number:

WD P/N WD10000H1U-00

Hamlet? Is this a valid model number?
Does anyone else know if WD_Smartware should work to this MyBook?

Hi, in order for the WD Smartware to work with your drive, you will need to get the pro version as this drive was never designed to work with the smartware.