Lots of Software issues

I have replaced my 2TB MyBook with a 4TB MyBook. I have had significant problems.
I will mention i reformatted the MyBook and started from the beginning.
-Smartware does not show MyBook, it does show on my PC.
-I am running Windows 10. I think it is updated to late 2018 or the most recent update.
-I can only create 1 backup plan. When i try to create another i get a message i already have one. So it seems there is only one backup plan allowed.
-The Smartware icon is slowly blinking in the system tray

Hello nyrnd1,

The WD SmartWare creates a folder named WDSmartWare.swstor, I would suggest you to take copy of the data from that folder on a new folder and then try to create new backup plan.