My Book WD50001U-00 not recognized

…by WD Smartware and WD Utilities…but Windows OS Device manager recognizes it and reports it is working Ok!

I recently used the WD Quick formatter to re-format this drive because I had cloned a partitioned hard-drive on to it, creating  “C” and “D” drives, via an “Apricorn Universal Hard Drive Adapter” with the Apricorn “EZ Gig Cloning Software”

(I didn’t realize that the WD drive would become the same drive as the original one) So in order to remove the partition I re-formatted the drive. The formatting did create one volume but the WD software doesn’t recognize it now.

Is it possible to re-install the “factory defaults” as it were, so that I can use the Utilities etc?

Any advice greatly appreciated.



Model Number WD5000H1U-00 corresponds to a second generation Western Digital My Book Essential. This particular model is not bundled or compatible with WD SmartWare. It may work with WD SmartWare Pro, but not the standard version of WD SmartWare. Do you have multiple Western Digital disk drives?

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Thank you for getting back to me. I thought perhaps that might be the case, but I could find no documentation to confirm it.

I was able to use Windows back-up with the drive, but of course it’s not a continuous back-up, just scheduled back-ups.

I do have multiple drives, 7 all told, all My Books, I just started using the 4TB model.

Thanks again,



If you own an external WD hard drive bundled with WD SmartWare Pro (As opposed to the standard version of WD SmartWare) such as the WD Passport Ultra, then WD SmartWare Pro will work with non-WD SmartWare disk drives (Including other brands). As an alternative, WD SmartWare also allows upgrading into WD SmartWare Pro for as small fee.

On the other hand, your WD My Book Essential (Second Generation) should be fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Backup.

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Thank you…

I have utilized Windows back-up with the drive, it seems to be working ok.

I have a total of 7 My Books, including a new 4TB version, but I chose not to buy the pro-version of Smartware.

Thanks again, I appreciate your time,